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The Problem

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The Problem, Part One (Alpha - Abandoned Children)

Children Raising ChildrenThere are more than 132,000,000 abandoned/ orphaned/ parentless, children worldwide. They are struggling to survive on the streets of Third World nations in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, Eastern Europe. The exact statistics on the number of these children who live on their streets is difficult to ascertain because not all of the births are registered with their government. states that every hour:

  • 1,625 children are forced to live on the streets due to the death or abuse of an adult
  • 1.667 children under the age of five die from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases
  • 115 children become prostitutes
  • 66 children under 15 are infected with HIV
  • 257 children are orphaned because of HIV/AIDS

These orphaned/ abandoned children are under the age of fifteen and are:

  • Sleeping on, streets, sewers and dumps every night
  • Digging TrashScavenging garbage for rotting morsels and scraps to eat
  • Huffing glue and other substances in order to numb hunger and pain
  • Prostituting themselves for basic food and shelter
  • Trafficked and sold into sexual bondage, even at five years old and younger
  • Abused and brutalized by sexual predators, local gangs, and corrupt police officers
  • Victimized by HIV/AIDS-infected men, some who believe that sleeping with young virgins can cure the disease
  • Recruited into lives of thievery, smuggling and drug dealing
  • Abducted to serve as child soldiers or the sex slaves of soldiers
  • Executed by local businessmen and officials who view them as a dirty pests interfering with trade and commerce
  • Sacrificed in occult/ witchcraft rituals
  • Worst of all the abandoned children are robbed of any hope!

"Do not take advantage of a widow or an orphan. (Exodus 22:22 NIV)

The Problem, Part Two (Omega - Elderly Individuals)

Starving Couple in IndiaThe elderly/ seniors in developing countries are at high risk because of the adverse effects of widespread and pervasive poverty. Most of them have no education and/ or job skills. Furthermore, these elderly individuals/ senior citizens of Third World countries are marginalized, looked upon as unproductive and considered an economic burden.

Because of this, older individuals suffer from poor health, loneliness and helplessness. Poor economic conditions cause daily stress and fear. They have a continuous struggle to obtain food, clothing and shelter in order to survive.

The elderly are a source of ethical and moral precepts, imparting traditional values and culture. As such, they should be venerated as repositories of wisdom where the young may learn about life.

Elderly individuals are a valuable resource. They are an excellent medium to be used as caregivers to these young children, as well as those of their own generation that are in need of help.

These elderly individuals will be teachers and mentors to these children/ youth who have had no training in family skills or work skills. They will be able to instill the values and culture of the community.

Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. (Romans 12:13 NIV)

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