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Alpha and Omega Villages

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Alpha and Omega Villages

Future VillageAlpha and Omega Villages will have homes, a school, a clinic/ hospital, and a working farm. Alpha and Omega Project will provide abandoned children and their foster parents with homes, food, medical care, education, vocational training, as well as normal family and community life.

The Alpha & Omega Farm will provide the food for the residents using bio-intensive farming methods. The farm will also provide a place for teaching work skills and vocational training for the children. The Agricultural Center will be a teaching center where bio-intensive farming will be taught to the community. Local agricultural specialists will use the farm as a teaching resource and classroom.

The Alpha and Omega Clinic/ Hospital will meet the medical needs of the residents of the village and provide vocational training. African FamilyIt will have even a small Surgical Suite to handle minor surgical procedures. Medical outreaches to the Intake/ Outreach Centers local and community will be done using Mobile Clinic Units.

The Alpha School will use the PACE style educational system. This individualized form of education for abandoned children will allow the individualized rate of instruction in the age appropriate groups.

Abandoned children (Alpha) will be provided with a family style home, medical care, specialized education, and vocational training. Elderly couples/ older individuals (Omega) will be provided with a home and medical care. They will be responsible for parenting and mentoring these abandoned children, forming a family unit.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 22:13 NIV)

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