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Alpha and Omega Farm

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Alpha and Omega Farm

Children Farm TrainingThe Alpha & Omega Farm will be a bio-intensive farm using the latest research.

The farm will be an Agricultural Training Center for abandoned/ orphaned children, teaching them work skills and providing vocational training. As an Agricultural Center, it will be made available to agricultural professionals.

The farm’s live stock, which will consist of dairy cattle, milk goats, chickens, hogs, rabbits (where appropriate) and fish, will produce the meats for the residents. Grain will be grown for supplementing feed for the livestock.

Village FarmThe orchards will grow the appropriate native fruits and berries. Food grains and vegetables will be grown as food for the residents.

Extra foods produced, after Village and Intake/ Outreach Centers are supplied, will be sold to offset the on-going expenses of the Farm and the Village.

A series of 3 lagoons will be used to convert the village waste water into useable water for agricultural use.

So it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish. (Matthew 18:14 NASB)

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