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Additional Considerations

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Ways in which Α & Ω Village will affect the local area

Outreach CenterEmployees - Each village will offer employment to local people, creating new jobs.

Lower Crime - With fewer abandoned children on the streets, there will be fewer children to be used for drug running, child prostitution, theft, and gang fights.

Health Benefits - There will be fewer people passing sexually transmitted diseases. There will be a decrease in communicable diseases when the children have proper medical treatment available.

Childs PaintingClinic/ Hospital - The local community members will be able to get medical care on a sliding-scale of payment based on income levels.

New Employees - There will be an increase in well educated and trained employees coming into the work force as the children leave the Village.

Elderly - They will be given opportunities for a useful life and provided the health care they will inevitably need.

Agricultural Center - The center will work to improve local food production.

Additional Considerations

Child ProstitutionWe have established reputable contacts in the Third World countries that will enable us to begin this project. Numerous inter-denominational religious organizations, individual churches, and community leaders are eager to work with us on this Project.

The fundamental objective of the Alpha and Omega Project is to ensure the survival of millions of children. In the process, we will do all we can to impact these countries in a way that will have long term benefits for their nations. This will be done not only by reaching out to the abandoned children, but also by providing spiritual, educational, medical and financial resources to the communities in which we are going.

In order to help alleviate the strain of these abandoned street children on their countries, we must affect all major aspects of society: Religion, Family, Education, Media, Government/ Politics, Arts/ Entertainment/ Sports, and Business/ Finance/ Technology. This can only be accomplished by enlisting the assistance of people who are already working in these areas. We envision these abandoned children being raised up to take leadership roles and change their country.

Sleeping on StreetsAs an example of the problem, let us consider Lima, Peru. Government statistics estimate that more than 10,000 children are living on the streets. Local pastors in Lima indicate that the actual number of these children is over 100,000. The children are forced to engage in crime, drugs and prostitution in order to merely survive. The local city government calls these children the "Little Piranhas". In fact, local business people have been known to pay to have these desperate children killed to keep them away from their businesses. The government has been unable to solve the problem. Lima's churches are doing what they can with their limited resources. Both the churches and the government are pleading for help. Similar situations exist in many other countries.

The children struggle with a myriad of issues, including medical, psychological, social, and spiritual problems. Many of these are life threatening conditions, such as HIV & AIDS, tuberculosis, adolescent pregnancy, drug addiction, starvation, suicide, and various acts of violence. Moving the children to a new and safe environment can help make a transition to normalcy possible.

In each Alpha and Omega Village, the children will be provided with family style homes made up of 7 to 12 children per home. We will involve mature couples, who will be employed by the village and live in the homes as foster parents. The children will attend a school with an individualized learning program. Vocational training will also be provided. The village will have a clinic/ hospital, a working farm, and a community church.

There is a Powerpoint Presentation available which details the magnitude of the problem of abandoned and exploited children, the proposed solution, the plans for implementation of this project and the scope of our vision. A three phase budget proposal is also available upon request.

"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:10 NIV)

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