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Welcome to the Alpha and Omega Village Project

Street Children Sleeping on StreetsThere are 132,000,000 orphaned/ abandoned children living on the streets worldwide. The goal of the Alpha & Omega Village Project is to bring as many of these street children as possible into a loving and safe home-like environment. GOD showed us the way to solve this problem: by building village(s) where these children (Alpha) can live. We also want to provide for older individuals/ seniors and homeless couples (Omega) by bringing them into the project to serve as foster parents to the children.

To accomplish this goal, the Alpha and Omega Village Project requires several components: intake/ outreach centers, a clinic/ hospital, a school, the village community (family style homes) and a working farm. This allows the provision of food, housing, medical care, education, vocational training, and Christian training to the abandoned street children as well as to the older adults working with them.

Allowing older adults/ seniors to serve as foster parents for abandoned street children will not only provide a more normal life for the children but will also give a sense of purpose to the older individuals. As foster parents, they will be responsible for parenting and mentoring the children in family style homes, making the village a loving and caring community.

Abandoned Children PrayingThe Intake/ Outreach Centers will be located at local churches, where the initial contact with these street children and adults will occur. During this early phase, a preliminary level of trust and understanding can be fostered. The children will begin to understand that we simply want to show them love and help them out of their difficult circumstances.

The youngest children will be the first to be brought into the village. In this way they will be protected from the sexual predators and health problems associated with life on the street.

The older individuals/ seniors will be observed to evaluate their interaction with abandoned street children. By doing this, their suitability as foster parents will be assessed.

We believe this project will benefit not only those whom we want to help, but also the larger community and nation as a whole through:

  • lowering crime,
  • solving health problems,
  • developing better citizens,
  • training a better educated work force and
  • most importantly, showing the LOVE of GOD.

So it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish. (Matthew 18:14 NASB)

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